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Adventures In Foam : The whole story


To help celebrate 20 years of Adventure In Foam’s release, we recommend  you rediscover this album’s rich history. From mythical tracks already ahead of his time, to multiple editions (and sometimes doubtful). Adventure In Foam, the first album of Amon Tobin deserved a little retrospective!

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The Remixes : rare remixes of Cujo track

The Remixes, released in 1996 on Ninebar Records, is a peripheral EP to the Adventure In Foam album wich has been release the same year. The 4 tracks are remixes made by Cujo (Amon Tobin) Ninebar label mate. All the track where already release except for "The Light" which only appears on the controversial Shadow Record re-issue (1997) and the Ninja Tune re-issue in 2002.

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Teasing about the next Amon Tobin album



Once more, the @twofingersmuisc Twitter account is teasing us about the latest production from Amon Tobin (previously, using the @twofingersmusic account to build up hype for the Dark Jovian EP). We're very excited to learn more about Amon's latest work (and to give it a good listening to). We 'll be keeping an eye for the next announcement about for you and hopefully, (two fingers crossed) a release date for sometime later this year!


Freebie 11/13 : Chicago Radio Mix

This mix wasn't available online anymore so I uploaded it...enjoy! 

Freebie 10/13 : SS Intro

Turn the volume up, it's time to enjoy the Solid Steel Intro! And, if you have enough time, find your old 2004 CD and listen to this classic mix from the beginning to the end. Remember during that period, the heated debate between DJing with Vinyl and the traitors turning to the darkside, DJing digitally with MP3's? If you've got access to the Solid Steel, presents Amon Tobin. Check out the booklet, it's full to the brim of anecdote's from his SS tour...

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Dark Jovian : Japanese Limited Edition


Early last year, Amon Tobin released the Dark Jovian EP as an Record Day exclusive. It was a single-sided heavyweight 180g, 12”s white vinyl with etched markings encased in a branded white rubber wheel and housed in a transparent plastic box! The 29th and 30th of August 2015, as part of the Ninja Tune 25 years celebration, beat ink and Ninja Tune created a pop-up shop were they sold goodies and exclusive product. The Dark Jovian, Japanese Limited Edition CD was a part of the store. Fast forward nearly half a year later and it's finally available here via for only $11. It's time to discover the Dark Jovian little brother...

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The Salivate EP - Vinyl Presentation

In 1996, Amon Tobin released his second EP on Ninebar Record! Here is a presentation of the Salivate EP which is quite rare. It contains a track called Train Stop which only appear on this EP. You can hear it bellow. Enjoy!

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One day in Tobin's garden

It's no secret, Amon Tobin likes to keep secrets, especially about his music and samples. Though sometimes, he does like to share the odd detail and feeling about his work. Let's talk about "One day in my garden" from the Bricolage album. During an interview with Marc Weidenbaum in 1997, Amon Tobin let's us in on a few secret about One day in the Garden.

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Freebie 9/13 : Horsefish Live Mix

"I'd made this special version of horseflesh for the foley room tour playing the drums on one deck and the melodies on the other. lots of people asked me where to get this version but it didn't really exist so I did this recording." Amon 

Curfew EP - 20 years ago

20 years ago, Amon Tobin released his very first EP on the London based label Ninebar Records!  Here is a full presentation of  the Curfew EP vinyl which was the start of  the wonderful Tobin's career. It's time to look back on the Cujo period ; when Tobin wasn't Tobin yet...

A look back on Amon Tobin's Bricolage


Just before the summer in May 1997, a fresh face Brazilian name Amon Tobin released his first album on the Ninja Tune label called Bricolage. Featuring a blend of jazz melodies and intense jungle rhythms, it was a heavier build of what we heard in Adventures in Foam (Tobin’s very first album released on Ninebar).

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Designing sound for tomorrow's cars

Amon Tobin has collaborate with Peugeot to ellaborate the future sound atmosphere of electric car. They worked with the audio speaker specialist Focal to build a brand new sound environnement and experience for the concept car called Fractal. From acceleration sound to indicating light design, Amon made proposition that may set the trend for our future driving experience. 

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Ratfink : unreleased Two Fingers track

Amon Tobin is currently traveling around with the likes of Noisia performing DJ sets as his alter-ego, Two Fingers and showcasing material from his latest EP Six Rhythms along with some other drum n bass and electronica misfits. However, that's not alll. If you have been to one of Amon's latest shows or heard them online, then you may recongise the track above in the video.

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Six Rhythms vinyl out today

Image 5

Six Rhythms, the latest Two Fingers' EP is now available on vinyl from Today on Noisa's Store Page!

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What's new this week?


It's been quite the week for Amon Tobin and Ninja Tune. Earliers this week the digital version of Dark Jovian when on sale on a number websites including Bandcamp, Ninja Tune Store, iTunes store and not forgetting Spotify

However, Twitter Followers may have notice Amon's account teasing us with another anagram 'Shh Xi Ms Try' perhaps Six Rhythms? Is Amon trying to tell us that another Two Fingers album is on the horzion? Or can we expect something total different? Only time wil tell. 

Amon Tobin Mixes on Mixcloud

SBRK is uploading lots of Amon Tobin mixes on Mixcloud. You can start with this one, the "Toyota Millenium" and find  tracklist and more mixes on SBRK page. 

Amon Tobin @ Mary Anne Hobbs' Experimental Show, BBC Radio 1 - UK - 02/02/2007 by Amon Tobin Mixes on Mixcloud

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Dark Jovian - Out now digitaly

Buy it now from ninjashop here and enjoy your journey in space !

Freebie 8/13 : Slayer Boot

This song was released as a freebie under the name "Slayer Boot". It's a drum and bass remix of remix of Slayer's "Raining Blood" and it was accompanied by visual below.

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