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Amon Tobin - Dark Jovian

Darkjovianfront2Over the course of the last month, Amon has been teasing us with various screenshot’s of new artwork on his website. Shortly after new artwork began to show up the Amon’s official Facebook page leaving fans to speculate that a new album was on the horizon (and they weren’t far off). On April 18th Amon Tobin will release his latest masterpiece ‘Dark Jovian’ a limited edition EP that will on be on sale for the Record Store Day.

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Dark Jovian teaser

Dark Jovian - record store day

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We finally have a preview of the Dark Jovian special release for the record store day!!!! A magic withe etched 2X12'!!!!! 500 copies only! 

More information here.

New Home Page for Amon Tobin website

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The brand new home page for the Amon Tobin website si online since yesterday!!!! Font is a bit different as well! 

Annoucement for The next album is close...

Recorded Live Artwork


The great big record bin


Holding something that we've made in our hand is a particuliar thing. Even more when it's something which is distributed to the public like a book or a disc. Here is what has made Amon Tobin when he had in his hands his first record.

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Freebie 6/13 : Drumin' Caravan Mix

"I collect versions of "caravan" originally by duke ellington. also collect drum battle albums. this mix is only drums and versions of caravan. yeah well..!!" Amon 

Foley Room Idea


In 2007, Amon Tobin released, "Foley Room", which marks a watershed in the artist’s creation process. Amon Tobin is equiped with a highly sensitive microphone and a tape recorder in order to collect thousands of sounds from the surrounding world: animals, toys, motors, factories and many other things become the artist’s sound source. See how this idea came to him...

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Curfew EP Artwork


Big Marching Threat (Extended Mix)

An extended version of "Big Marching Threat" by Amon Tobin. The original track is to short, so #YurliHnatyuk extended it. Many thanks to him.

The original track was made for a documentary called "Pax americana" about Weaponization of Space.

Freebie 5/13 : Into The Dark Intermission

An ambient mix made with sounds from Amon's web creatures. These creatures come from the previous Amon's website which is still online here


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Freebie 4/13 : Breezeblock Mix 2005

A really cool mix recorded in the BBC studios.

"I've done some mixes for this show over the years but this was my first I think." Amon

Freebie 3/13 : Foley Room Recorded Live in Brussels

“F*** visuals we're sinking every last penny into the sound system!" - Amon Tobin

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Freebie 2/13 : Overwhelming Forces

Overwhelming Forces is the second track that Amon Tobin upload on his wensite as a freebie. This track also appear on the Boxset as "Overforces".

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Freebie 1/13 : Venus Hendrix Live Mix

In 2007, Amon Tobin upload on his website a series of unreleased track, bootleg, live mix...Here is the first of these freebie and this one is a really good one!!! Venus Hendrix Live Mix is a mix of Venus In Furs by The Velvet Underground, and Voodoo Child (Slight Return) by Jimi Hendrix. Listen to it here!!!

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Wim Wender talks about Amon Tobin

Wim Wender is a German filmmaker, playwright, author, and photographer. He made in 2011 a documentary called "Pina" which is about the contemporary dance choreographer Pina Bausch. Wim Wender used few Amon Tobin's tracks like "Fatass Joint" in this documentary and also tracks like Untitled, Yasawas, Fat Ass Joint, Ruthless during the "Pina Bauch Brooklyn Academy of Music Performance". Here is what he thinks about Amon Tobin's music.

Wim wenders 1


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New Track by Two Fingers : TG1


Special TG1 is a new track by Two Fingers available on itunes. No advertisement for this piece, neither on nor on Ninja, but a curious fan find this single track on iTunes. The visual is the same as Stunt Rhythms but in white. The track focuses on the essentials...beat, beat and beat.

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First musical experimentation

We all have (for those of us who are over 30 years old) played with tapes. But none of us has become a specialist in sampling. That's what happened to Amon Tobin who tells us in this interview, his first musical experimentation.


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