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To help celebrate 20 years of Adventure In Foam’s release, we recommend  you rediscover this album’s rich history. From mythical tracks already ahead of his time, to multiple editions (and sometimes doubtful). Adventure In Foam, the first album of Amon Tobin deserved a little retrospective!

Ninebar Records' original pressing

The story begins with a young fresh faced man studying photography and a friend that pushes him to send a demo to the London labels of the time. One of these labels, NinebarRecords, didn’t slip and turn Amon's demo away, they discovered the potential of the young musician. 

A friend of mine, [...] I'd play him some of my stuff, just me fiddling about, and he told me to send it into a label or something. I thought he was nuts but I did it anyway. I sent it to a few small labels around London and then I ended up getting picked by a small, independent label called 9bar and I went up there [from Brighton] and slept on their floor and recorded Adventure In Foam and it went well. " 1


" he told me to send it into a label or something."

NinebarRecord decided to release this student musician’s first EP, but the label needed a name: thus Cujo came to light, in reference to the movie which is inspired by the Stephen King’s novel “Cujo” . The Curfew EP was released in 1995 and Adventure In Foam (AIF) shortly followed in 1996 surrounded by Salivate, The Remixes and Break Charmer.


In its original version, AIF is a 2 x LP composed of 12 titles (6 of them appear on Break Charmer and Salivate). On the CD version, we find in addition an intro as well as “Cruzer” track which contains itself a hidden track absent from the vinyl (to be checked by listening to the vinyl). The original artwork photography was taken by Amon Tobin himself who has drawn in his photography work as a student to realise the visual of his first album.

" all my albums where designed by strictly kev (dj food) except for adventure in foam which was part of a photography project I was working on at the time, the project involved landscapes made from shaving foam " 2

Shadow Records' edition


In 1997, the American label Shadow Records reissued AIF on CD format in a lamentable version. First, the original track list is not respected excluding "Ol 'Bunkhouse," "The Method," and "On The Track." These pieces are replaced by "The Light," "The Brazilianaire," and "Clockwork." On these 3 tracks, only "The Brazilianaire" was already released on the EP Break Charmer. As for "Clockwork", it is a totally unpublished piece entitled wrongly "The Sequel" by Shadow Records. The last thing, the visual hadn’t even been approved by Amon Tobin!

"I was quite upset with Shadow [Records] record, with how they edited that album. I thought it was edited quite badly. Tracks don't start where they should start, basic things like that. It's quite insane, really." 3

Ninja Tune Repress

To erase this affront, Ninja Tune reedited AIF in 2002 in 2 x CD with on the first disc, the track list of the original Ninebar Records’ CD and on the second disc, 4 unpublished track "4 or 6", "Mars Brothers", "Popsicle" and "The Sequel", completed with 2 already released tracks : "The Brazilianaire" and "The Light". This new edition aimed to introduce Amon Tobin's (now widely known) very first album but also, to restore the truth about the 1998 American version’s errors!

Finally, in 2013, Ninja Tune and Beat Delete released AIF in a limited edition 3 x LP by taking the exact track list of the original 2 x LP of 1996 and the "bonus" tracks of the double CD of Ninja Tune.


As highlighted in the press release of the final re-edition by Ninja Tune, Adventures In Foam is an album that remains, despite the years past, a great album that still deserves to be listened to.

Sailing between down-tempo and drum and bass, the AIF’s tracks impress with their efficiency and their groove. While listen to AIF Don’t you hear the premises of the next two albums, "Bricolage" and "Permutation"? The "Northstar", "Paris Streatham", "A Vida", "Traffic" and "Cruzer" breaks don’t evoke you the frenetic rhythms of "Chomp Samba" Bitter and Twisted, Nightlife or " Fast Eddie ". The groove and jazz of" On The Track "doesn’t let you hear the futuristic jazz club’s atmosphere found in" Stoney Street ", " The Nasty " or " Bridge ".

Of course, we feel that something went on between the AIF release in 1996 and the "Bricolage" one in 1997 and that little Cujo has turned into “big Tobin” but, take out your old Adventures In Foam copy ; the one you bought in 2002 ; and that you may have neglected in favor of  "Bricolage" or "Supermodified". Go and listen! 20 years later, Adventures In Foam deserves, more than ever, all our attention!

"But the fact remains that 'Adventures In Foam' was a fantastic record, one that deserved to be heard" 4


2 from the closed "Ask Amon" forum


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