Designing sound for tomorrow's cars

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  • On 04/09/2015
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Amon Tobin has collaborate with Peugeot to ellaborate the future sound atmosphere of electric car. They worked with the audio speaker specialist Focal to build a brand new sound environnement and experience for the concept car called Fractal. From acceleration sound to indicating light design, Amon made proposition that may set the trend for our future driving experience. 

Since his album Foley Room in 2007, Amon Tobin turn deeply towards sound design and is really focusing on the knowledge and the mastery of sound. Early in 2005 with his work on Ubisoft's video game series, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory soundtrack, Amon worked on ambiance sounds, but without this deep sound texture work. In this trailer, we can clearly hear the ISAM inspiration sounds which as an album, was a real journey into a new sound world. We hope in a few years time we'll be able to cruise down the road with Tobin's soundpack as the engine.

" One day, we will be able to drive cars that we can ask for a soundpack to choose. Maybe I want Sci-Fi sound pack and when I press the pedal to accelerate, it's gonna sound like a podracer." Amon Tobin

Watch the full Fractal teaser here and enjoy the Amon Tobin soundtrack!

For those interested in striclky car design and engenering, find out more video on Peugeot YouTube channel.

Fractal sound design

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