One day in Tobin's garden

It's no secret, Amon Tobin likes to keep secrets, especially about his music and samples. Though sometimes, he does like to share the odd detail and feeling about his work. Let's talk about "One day in my garden" from the Bricolage album. During an interview with Marc Weidenbaum in 1997, Amon Tobin let's us in on a few secret about One day in the Garden.

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A look back on Amon Tobin's Bricolage


Just before the summer in May 1997, a fresh face Brazilian name Amon Tobin released his first album on the Ninja Tune label called Bricolage. Featuring a blend of jazz melodies and intense jungle rhythms, it was a heavier build of what we heard in Adventures in Foam (Tobin’s very first album released on Ninebar).

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