Adventures In Foam : The whole story


To help celebrate 20 years of Adventure In Foam’s release, we recommend  you rediscover this album’s rich history. From mythical tracks already ahead of his time, to multiple editions (and sometimes doubtful). Adventure In Foam, the first album of Amon Tobin deserved a little retrospective!

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The Remixes : rare remixes of Cujo track

The Remixes, released in 1996 on Ninebar Records, is a peripheral EP to the Adventure In Foam album wich has been release the same year. The 4 tracks are remixes made by Cujo (Amon Tobin) Ninebar label mate. All the track where already release except for "The Light" which only appears on the controversial Shadow Record re-issue (1997) and the Ninja Tune re-issue in 2002.

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The Salivate EP - Vinyl Presentation

In 1996, Amon Tobin released his second EP on Ninebar Record! Here is a presentation of the Salivate EP which is quite rare. It contains a track called Train Stop which only appear on this EP. You can hear it bellow. Enjoy!

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Curfew EP - 20 years ago

20 years ago, Amon Tobin released his very first EP on the London based label Ninebar Records!  Here is a full presentation of  the Curfew EP vinyl which was the start of  the wonderful Tobin's career. It's time to look back on the Cujo period ; when Tobin wasn't Tobin yet...

Curfew EP Artwork