dark jovian

Dark Jovian : Japanese Limited Edition


Early last year, Amon Tobin released the Dark Jovian EP as an Record Day exclusive. It was a single-sided heavyweight 180g, 12”s white vinyl with etched markings encased in a branded white rubber wheel and housed in a transparent plastic box! The 29th and 30th of August 2015, as part of the Ninja Tune 25 years celebration, beat ink and Ninja Tune created a pop-up shop were they sold goodies and exclusive product. The Dark Jovian, Japanese Limited Edition CD was a part of the store. Fast forward nearly half a year later and it's finally available here via hmv.co.jp for only $11. It's time to discover the Dark Jovian little brother...

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What's new this week?


It's been quite the week for Amon Tobin and Ninja Tune. Earliers this week the digital version of Dark Jovian when on sale on a number websites including Bandcamp, Ninja Tune Store, iTunes store and not forgetting Spotify

However, Twitter Followers may have notice Amon's account teasing us with another anagram 'Shh Xi Ms Try' perhaps Six Rhythms? Is Amon trying to tell us that another Two Fingers album is on the horzion? Or can we expect something total different? Only time wil tell. 

Dark Jovian - Out now digitaly

Buy it now from ninjashop here and enjoy your journey in space !

Amon Tobin - Dark Jovian

Darkjovianfront2Over the course of the last month, Amon has been teasing us with various screenshot’s of new artwork on his website. Shortly after new artwork began to show up the Amon’s official Facebook page leaving fans to speculate that a new album was on the horizon (and they weren’t far off). On April 18th Amon Tobin will release his latest masterpiece ‘Dark Jovian’ a limited edition EP that will on be on sale for the Record Store Day.

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Dark Jovian teaser

Dark Jovian - record store day

Image 2

We finally have a preview of the Dark Jovian special release for the record store day!!!! A magic withe etched 2X12'!!!!! 500 copies only! 

More information here.

New Home Page for Amon Tobin website

Image 1

The brand new home page for the Amon Tobin website si online since yesterday!!!! Font is a bit different as well! 

Annoucement for The next album is close...