Freebie 11/13 : Chicago Radio Mix

This mix wasn't available online anymore so I uploaded it...enjoy! 

Freebie 10/13 : SS Intro

Turn the volume up, it's time to enjoy the Solid Steel Intro! And, if you have enough time, find your old 2004 CD and listen to this classic mix from the beginning to the end. Remember during that period, the heated debate between DJing with Vinyl and the traitors turning to the darkside, DJing digitally with MP3's? If you've got access to the Solid Steel, presents Amon Tobin. Check out the booklet, it's full to the brim of anecdote's from his SS tour...

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Freebie 9/13 : Horsefish Live Mix

"I'd made this special version of horseflesh for the foley room tour playing the drums on one deck and the melodies on the other. lots of people asked me where to get this version but it didn't really exist so I did this recording." Amon 

Freebie 8/13 : Slayer Boot

This song was released as a freebie under the name "Slayer Boot". It's a drum and bass remix of remix of Slayer's "Raining Blood" and it was accompanied by visual below.

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