Freebie 11/13 : Chicago Radio Mix

This mix wasn't available online anymore so I uploaded it...enjoy! 

Freebie 10/13 : SS Intro

Turn the volume up, it's time to enjoy the Solid Steel Intro! And, if you have enough time, find your old 2004 CD and listen to this classic mix from the beginning to the end. Remember during that period, the heated debate between DJing with Vinyl and the traitors turning to the darkside, DJing digitally with MP3's? If you've got access to the Solid Steel, presents Amon Tobin. Check out the booklet, it's full to the brim of anecdote's from his SS tour...

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Amon Tobin Mixes on Mixcloud

SBRK is uploading lots of Amon Tobin mixes on Mixcloud. You can start with this one, the "Toyota Millenium" and find  tracklist and more mixes on SBRK page. 

Amon Tobin @ Mary Anne Hobbs' Experimental Show, BBC Radio 1 - UK - 02/02/2007 by Amon Tobin Mixes on Mixcloud

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Recorded Live Artwork


Freebie 6/13 : Drumin' Caravan Mix

"I collect versions of "caravan" originally by duke ellington. also collect drum battle albums. this mix is only drums and versions of caravan. yeah well..!!" Amon 

Freebie 5/13 : Into The Dark Intermission

An ambient mix made with sounds from Amon's web creatures. These creatures come from the previous Amon's website which is still online here


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Freebie 4/13 : Breezeblock Mix 2005

A really cool mix recorded in the BBC studios.

"I've done some mixes for this show over the years but this was my first I think." Amon