Freebie 8/13 : Slayer Boot

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  • On 14/04/2015
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This song was released as a freebie under the name "Slayer Boot". It's a drum and bass remix of remix of Slayer's "Raining Blood" and it was accompanied by visual below.

Slayer boot

Earlier in 2004, the vinyl single titled "Angel of Theft" under the pseudonym "Player". Behind this name hides Amon Tobin and Jeff Waye who left a clue by producing this single on the label "JefAm Recording" (Jeff and Amon = JefAm) Since then, they've produced nothing more. 


This is a extremely rare vinyl between 400 -500 copies where pressed according to sources. This viynl includes an etched face with a pentagram all in a bloody red plastic !!!



In 2012, the track was released officially on the Amon Tobin Box set and appears in a shorter version under the title "Angel of Theft" and co-produced by Ghostbeard (Jeff Waye?).

Prepare your ears for a massive track. A piece that may reconcile the electro and hardcore lovers.

freebie slayer boot angel of theft artwork

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