One day in Tobin's garden

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  • On 27/11/2015
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It's no secret, Amon Tobin likes to keep secrets, especially about his music and samples. Though sometimes, he does like to share the odd detail and feeling about his work. Let's talk about "One day in my garden" from the Bricolage album. During an interview with Marc Weidenbaum in 1997, Amon Tobin let's us in on a few secret about One day in the Garden.

"I don’t really have a method, one particular way of doing it. I tend to approach it differently each time. Sometimes I have a load of sounds I’ve sampled, and I try and work within those samples. Sometimes I have just one sound or some breaks and it progresses in a more linear way. I don’t know, it’s quite an organic thing. It tends to, you know, evolve from one idea to another, and it’s quite rare that I end up with what I thought I was gonna end up with. Sometimes I might start with — “One Day in My Garden,” I might think that’s the way the track’s gonna end up, but suddenly a perverse aspect comes in and I go off on a tangent. And the nice thing is that you allow yourself to go off on a tangent and see what happens down that route and maybe come back again. I like to have little journeys in the tracks."

"I think there are three different sources where I got the saxophone and I got them together to create one melody"

They're two other little secrets about this track that Tobin didn't talk about in this interview. The first one is the appearance of the famous "Amen Break" at 4:08 in this video above and the second one is that Amon's sampled the "Doralice" track by Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto and here is the proof !

Interest huh? Now you have a brand new perspective on this track, you'll never listen to it again in the same way as before. And even better? You'll be able to impress all your friends with your superior knowledge of sampling and Jazz (or they might just stare at you).



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