The Remixes : rare remixes of Cujo track

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  • On 30/05/2016
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The Remixes, released in 1996 on Ninebar Records, is a peripheral EP to the Adventure In Foam album wich has been release the same year. The 4 tracks are remixes made by Cujo (Amon Tobin) Ninebar label mate. All the track where already release except for "The Light" which only appears on the controversial Shadow Record re-issue (1997) and the Ninja Tune re-issue in 2002.

These four remixes takes the original track to a chill-out tempo and take their time to display the cujo original sample. Among them, only the Trespassing remix by Chalice was available on youtube so here are the 3 other track!!! We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do, we take a lot of pleasure listening to them from time to time and particulary the North Star remix made by Baby Fox. We do apologise for the poor sound quality, but you'll discover at the end of post in the method for how we extracted the sound from vinyl! Enjoy!

The Light : Curtis Mix

On The Track : Rootless Mix

Trespassing : Chalice Mix

For giggles and laughs, here is how remixes were converted from vinyl to MP3: a 30 year old turntable, first price pre-amplifier, first price jack/jack cable, GarageBand, iTunes export & YouTube export...sorry guys!



Comments (2)

  • 1. atmadmin (link) | 03/11/2016
I'm please that you like the website, thank you. We're not publishing a lot this time but I still have lots of information to share!
  • 2. SHDX | 21/08/2016
You're doing great job on this site. I am with Tobin's music since 2002. Can't wait for future news and updates. Cheers from Poland.

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