Amon Tobin portraitAmon Adonai Santos de Araujo Tobin was born on the seventh of February 1972 in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. During his youth, he traveled extensively with his parents, and lived in Morocco, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Portugal or Madeira.

During his adolescence, Amon Tobin made ​​his first musical experiments using a double cassette recorder. Later, while studying photography, he bought his first sampler and fell in love with  jungle music that was spreading in England at that time.

After some musical experiments, Amon Tobin sent a demo to NINEBARecords label which produced his first EP (Curfew, Salivate, On the Track, The Remixes) and his first album "Adventures in Foam" in 1996.

This first album, released under the pseudonym of Cujo reached the ears of the Ninja Tune label that produced "Bricolage" in 1997. This album was a great success and revealed the artist’s talent. After this first album, came "Permutation" in 1998, "Supermodified" in 2000 and "Out From Out Where" in 2002 which confirmed Amon Tobin’s  unique ability  to create incredible music only from samples.

 Indeed, Amon Tobin does not use synthesizers or drum machines in his studio; his raw material is his vinyl record collection  in which he collects sounds, notes and melodies that he cuts, modified and mix to create new songs.

In 2007, Amon Tobin released, "Foley Room", which marks a watershed in the artist’s creation process. This time, Amon Tobin is equipped with a highly sensitive microphone and a tape recorder in order to collect thousands of sounds from the surrounding world: animals, toys, motors, factories and many other things become the artist’s sound source. Amon Tobin's style is there, the album is significantly different from previous and this mark the beginning of a new chapter in term of creativity.

In parallel to his albums, Amon Tobin released a live mix in 2004 recorded during a tour in Australia : "Solid Steel Present Amon Tobin: Recorded Live", reflecting the DJing talent of the artist. In 2005 Amon created the video game score for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and in 2008 he scored the Hungarian movie "Taxidermia".

Still outside his "classic" discography, Amon Tobin released in 2009 the album "Two Fingers" in collaboration with Joe "Doubleclick" Chapman. Amon Tobin expresses his vision of Hip-Hop by inviting rappers such as MC Sway, Ce'cile, Ms Jade and Kevin Tuffy to sing on the duo’s Riddim.

In 2010, Amon Tobin released "Monthly Joint Series" which brings together 10 titles released on a piecemeal basis in 2010 and sold directly from the artist website.

It is in 2011 that Amon Tobin picks up the thread of his discography and created a surprise with the album named "ISAM" (Invented Sound Applied to Music). The musician became a sound designer and produced a true "musical object" which marked a new turn in his creative process. He used very simple sounds like a creaking chair or the sound of two bulbs clashing in order to extract the « texture » from them. Once modified with many effects, Amon Tobin used these sounds as we would use the preset sounds on a synthesizer.

This album was accompanied by an exhibition (ISAM: Control Over Nature) created by the artist Tessa Farmer as well as a stunningly projection mapping on a three dimensional screen that has made the ISAM tour, a great international success.

That same year, he released "Chaos Theory Remixed (The Soundtrack to Splinter Cell 3D)", a remixed version of the soundtrack made ​​in 2005 for the game Chaos Theory.

In 2012, Amon Tobin extended his ISAM tour with a 2.0 version and released his "Boxset" : a box set featuring many rare and previously unreleased tracks of the artist. The "Two Fingers" project gave birth to a third album "Stunt Rhythms".

In 2014 @twofingersmusic tweeted Whereas, frustratingly, Amon's got not one but two amazing things on the way. I know, because I've heard them. FORBIDDEN TO SPEAK FURTHER.” As always Amon’s work is shrouded in mystery...

Everyone is now currently anticipating and waiting for the next Amon Tobin album.



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